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Firefox browsers (version: 23.0+):
  1. Go to menu [Tools]
  2. Choose menu item [Options]
  3. Click on [Privacy] tab
  4. In the History section, select [Use custom settings for history] from the dopdown list. This will display more options
  5. Check off [Accept cookies from sites]
  6. For option Keep until: select [they expire]
  7. Click [OK]
IE browsers (version: IE 8.0+):
  1. Click on [Tools] icon at the top right corner of the browser
  2. Choose [Internet Options]
  3. Click on [Privacy] tab
  4. In the Settings section, click on [Advance] button. You will probably see [Override automatic cookie handling] is checked
  5. For First-party Cookies, click on [Accept]
  6. Check off [Always allow session cookies]
  7. Click [OK]
  8. Click [OK] again
Chrome browsers (version 28.0+):
  1. Click on Customize icon next to URL address box of the browser
  2. Choose [Settings], a new page will be displayed
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on [Show advanced settings...] link
  4. Under Privacy section, click on [Content settings...] button
  5. Under Cookies section, select [Allow local data to be set]
  6. Click on [Done] button
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