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Free stock charts

Want a fully customized free stock charts with many technical indicators? Want 20 year of historical and intraday stock chart? How about ability to draw or make note on chart? We have it here.

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Realtime stock charts

Understand the need of real-time stock quotes for day trader, we bring in real-time quotes to our fully customized stock charts product.

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Online trading

Why spend more when you can do online trading for only $3.49/order ? Yes, we will let you trade online from within your realtime stock chart account with us.

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Mobile stock charts

Need access to your stock chart and trading account on the move, our mobile stock charts product will satisfy your need.                                                                   

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Why another stock chart site?

Our real-time stock charts and stock quotes system is FREE (*). We rely on ads revenue to support our operation. It's often not enough! We really appreciate your help to visit our advertisers and spread the news about our services when you find our site useful for your investment research!

Our flagship stock chart product aims to simplicity but powerful with several technical indicators dedicated for long term investors or short-term stock traders to benefit from. Using our stock chart, you can easily view historical data back to 20 years or 1-minute interval real-time intraday or even custom time frame of your choice.

With the special stock chart annotation feature, you can draw trend lines, support and resistance, free drawing, make notes, etc., all with color of your choice, directly on the chart and save them to your computer for later reference. Also, don’t forget to check out our Save Chart Settings feature which allows you to save several chart settings so that you can easily view chart of a specific stock with varieties of settings, with just one single click!

Watchlist will help you to keep track of all your favorite stocks in one place. What if you want to see several charts side by side? Our Stock Chart Grid will help you view as many charts on 1 screen as you like, each chart has its own configuration of time frame, time interval, indicators, etc. which will help you to see how stock market of several sectors or a single stock is doing with just 1 click.

We also try to provide you one stop shop for your equity investment research by connecting you to independent market research with stock market overview, daily market news update, fundamental stock analysis, stock screener, etc. , just enough to give you a feel of how the stock market is doing, how a company is doing financially in term of revenue, earning, debt, comparison to its competitors, how to find a stock that fits with your risk vs reward profile, etc.

It is best to use our stock chart product with a laptop or desktop device where you have a lot of screen space. What if you want to access to our site with your smart phone or tablet? does offer a realtime mobile stock charts and stock quotes site as well to keep you well informed of stock market movement when you are on the move.

We also connect you with an online trading platform so that you can trade within our product while viewing your favorite stock chart movement. This will help you to take action to maximize your profit from your extensive research available on our website

Note: (*) We don't charge our customers for any services provided by us. However, the brokerage company who provides free equity trading and real-time data may charge a subscription fee when you open an account with them.
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