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About Us

At, we aim to provide stock investor with a powerful tool to analyze stock market and individual public trading company to spot opportunities for making money in the stock market.

There are a lot of tools out there to assist you doing more research about the financial markets. However we find many of the charting tools out there is hard to use so we try to bring in an easier to use, fully customized and free charting tool to analyze stock performance. There are still rooms for more improvements to our stock chart and portfolio product. We will try to get more features out as often as we can with our limited resource. We appreciate your help to identify what you want in our products and we will try to improve our stock chart and stock quote portfolio products to bring more values to you.

Custom Stock Chart Tool
Mobile Stock Quotes
We also provide free mobile stock chart site for users who'd like to access their watchlist and portfolio by phones. Tablet users should be able to view our regular site which provide more features.

Watching stock price, analysing a company without doing anything is just a waste of time. You can sign up for a brokerage account of your choice or use Tradier Brokerage which is also insured for online trading. They provide a very competitive trading fee and opening an account with them will enable you to see real-time quotes with our services for free.

Beside focusing on providing a stock chart tool that is free, easy to use for stock market technical analysis, we also try to gather more resources from third party that is essential for fundamental analysis of a company and its stock price performance. To have better chance at winning in the stock market, a combination of technical analysis (look at the charts, indicators, trends, etc.) and fundamental analysis (look at income statement, balance sheet, important financial ratios) is the must. With these tools in your hands, stock investing becomes much easier and you can do it yourself instead of paying someone who may not have your best interest in mind do it for you with a high fee. We actually use our tools and those we gather here to figure out when we should buy or sell a stock. Nobody can win all the time! If you win more often than lose, you are a decent investor!

We also try to use this site to help user know more about the value of investing and how to go from nothing to a financial freedom in your retirement age. We welcome all ideas from our users especially those who have seen some success in their investing strategies.

Disclaimer: does not warrant or guarantee the information contained herein or assume any liability or responsibility for any reliance placed on the information or for the risks of the stock market. This information is intended for personal use only and is not intended for trading purposes. disclaim any and all liability resulting from failure of performance or destruction of the stock quotes system.