Introduction to our Free Stock Charts & Stock Quotes Products

Free real-time stock charts and stock quotes vs Free (delayed) stock charts and stock quotes: Our products are free for both real-time and delayed quotes. However, to use our services with real-time data, user will have to apply for a brokerage account from Tradier Brokerage which is the real-time data provider. Some may think that I don't need another brokerage account. But opening a Tradier account won't prevent you trade with your favorite brokerage! It just allows you to see real-time data with our stock chart product and also let you trade online from our platform with a very low trading fee as well.

When you are using our stock chart products without registering an account, you will be assigned a free delayed account and we use cookies to keep track of your settings. These settings will be gone if you use a different browsers or computers. To maintain your settings across computers, you should sign up for either a free delayed quotes or free real-time quotes account depending on your needs. To register for your own free or realtime account, if the Register link is not display on the top right corner of the page, but the "Log off" link, please click on it first

To have access to a real-time account, you must sign up for a real-time account first, then choose login link on the top right corner to get in. You may need to click on the "Log off" link first (if you've already been assigned a free account automatically) before seeing the Login link

We rely heavily on advertising revenue to run this free site. If you feel like it helps you to have more insight of the stock market, invest more timely with the easy and powerful charting tool, please visit our advertise and spread the words!

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Free Realtime Stock Charts & Watchlist View it with delayed data

Free real-time stock charts and Watchlist

Product features:

  • Free realtime stock quotes
  • Fully customized, unlimited watchlists of stocks or ETFs
  • intraday realtime stock charts with many useful customized technical indicators
  • historical stock charts with many useful customized technical indicators
  • View chart of any symbol in your watchlist with just 1 click on the symbol
  • Switching between intraday and historical chart with just 1 click on the chart
  • Stock price and chart are automatically refresh
  • Research more about Fundamental of a company (Key Statistics, Earnings, etc.) with just 1 click
  • Ability to resize the watchlist and chart by clicking and dragging the right border of the watchlist
  • Multiple Operating Systems (Windows, Unix, Mac, etc.) & browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) supported

Free Realtime Customized and Annotated Stock Chart View it with delayed data

Customized & Annotated Stock Chart

Product features:

  • Fully customized chart with different size, font, background color, chart type, time frame, frequency, chart scale.
  • Numerous useful upper and lower indicators to identify trend, overbought, oversold, price reversal, etc.
  • "Compare mode" helps to compare stock price performance of a number of companies at the same time (max 8 symbols)
  • Users can easily learn how the whole set of indicators move in the past at one time with vertical lines drawn directly on chart
  • Drawing horizontal lines on chart helps to identify support and resistance for technical analysis
  • Adding/removing many different shapes on chart like circle, rectangle, Cross, Free Style or even typing text on chart with ease
  • Each line, text, shape can have its own color of your choice!
  • Annotated chart can be saved or printed out for future reference
  • Instead of keep changing multiple parameters every time you want to see how the chart looks, users now can save a set of parameters to 1 Saved Setting, then select each "Saved Setting" with just a click!

Free Realtime Stock Chart Grid View it with delayed data

Customized Stock Chart Grid

Product features:

  • Show several charts side by side, on the same page, each with its own settings for detecting trend, reversal, etc.
  • Fully customize number of charts per row by entering a number, then press Enter key.
  • Easily adding new chart by typing a symbol then press enter key
  • Global Settings help to apply one chart setting for all charts in the grid
  • Switching between intraday and historical chart is simple with just 1 click on the chart
  • Detach chart will help to openning a new bigger chart window with more links for fundamental analysis

Free Realtime Mobile Stock Charts View it with delayed data

Mobile Stock Charts Mobile Stock Charts

Product features:

  • Realtime mobile stock quotes with unlimited watchlists.
  • Realtime mobile stock charts with several chart indicators (MACD, Moving Average, Stochastics, etc.
  • Both intraday and historical chart are available
  • Stock Charts can be saved with notes for quick retrieval later
  • Support major smartphones and tablets as our stock quotes and chart product works with mobile browsers
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